Published by Maria Desantis on April 16, 2017

Four Tips To Spice Up Your Relationship

Long-term relationships can lose their spice quickly, but there are some simple tips you can follow for spicing up a relationship. These tips ensure you keep your partner guessing and keep yourself from falling into a boring routine.

Be Spontaneous

Falling into a routine can be comfortable, but it also is a fast path to a stale relationship. You dont have to be spontaneous every day, but making some changes every now and then is a great way to keep your partner on their toes and add some spice to your relationship. Some common ways to add spontaneity include:

  • Cancel all your plans and just get away for a weekend trip.
  • Show up at your partners work for a surprise lunch.
  • Send flowers or gifts for no reason.
  • Instead of going to the usual restaurant and getting your usual meal, try someplace new, maybe even someplace completely out of your comfort zone.

It doesnt have to be something big to change your routine, but the change it makes can be huge. Even something as small as writing a cute note to your loved one or deciding to go out to see a movie instead of watching a movie at home is enough to shake up your routine and make it more interesting.

Go on a Date

When you first start seeing someone, dates are common, but once you have been together a long time or have gotten married, dates are often forgotten. However, even if you have kids, going on a date should still be part of your relationship with your partner. Set up a day one night a week for a date without the kids, and go out and spend quality time with each other. This is a great way to spice up your relationship because it makes you feel like youre trying to woo each other again, which is one of the most exciting things about dating. Dont just go out and ignore each other, go out and talk to each other. Pretend youre dating again, and youll be surprised how much excitement it will add.

Change Your Bedroom Routine

If youve been dating for a while, your bedroom routine has probably grown a bit stale too. Spicing this up can be huge in making your relationship more exciting and feeling fresh again. Tips for adding some spice to the bedroom include:

  • Taking it as slow as the first time you were together, so you take time to examine each others bodies again. Also, dont be afraid of keeping the light on sometimes.
  • Instead of going into the bedroom, be spontaneous and try it in other rooms of your home.
  • Try some unexpected dirty talk, like a sexy text message of what you want when your partner gets home.
  • Get away from your usual positions and try some new ones.

Learn Something New

Even if youve been with your partner for years, theres still something you dont know or have forgotten about them. Dont assume you know everything about your partner or that they know everything about you, and dont label them. Instead, know there is more to discover about them and try to find it. Ask questions and share with your partner to get to know something new about each other.


Spicing up a relationship isnt hard, but it does take time and effort. These tips ensure you and your partner stay fresh and keep trying to woo each other. Dont fall into the comfortable trap of a stale routine. Keep your partner on their toes with some good spontaneity.

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