Published by Maria Desantis on January 24, 2017

5 reasons why women date older men

You will find many women who prefer dating older men. There are many reasons why older men are a better choice than guys of the same age or younger. Here are some of the reasons.


Men get better as they get older. They learn from their experiences in life, work, and previous relationships. They become more matured, understanding and patient. They become well-mannered.

Practical reasons

Women date older men due to financial security. This is a very important aspect of every relationship. Women look for men who have the financial capacity to support them financially. For example, if they want to start a family, then financial security is important.

Better at pleasing women

Though women have different sexual preferences, many women think that older men are better at pleasing and handling women. They gain experiences from their previous relationships and become better at it.

They are serious about relationships

Older men look for serious relationships. They don’t want to waste time playing around. They want to start a family and get settled. So, women who are looking for long-term relationships look for older men.

They live a healthy lifestyle

Older men love drinking and smoking, but they know their limits. They are health conscious. They would work out to stay fit and lead a very healthy lifestyle. This is attractive to many women.

These are some reasons why women like dating older men. They get good things like financial security, commitment, etc. from older men that they don’t find in younger men or those of same age.

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