Published by Maria Desantis on January 24, 2017

3 ways dating has changed over the years

Dating has indeed changed over the years. The way young generation date today is not same as people used to date a few decades back. Now everything is technology-based. Here are three major ways dating is different now than before.

1. They are doing multiple things at one time

People are distracted due to technology. They are doing two things at one time. For example, they are talking to someone at a restaurant, at the same time they are checking out their Facebook page. People are walking and looking at the phone. They are not focused on the relationship. In the past, there was not much use of technology. So, when people went on a date, they went without any gadget that could distract them.

2. More information available

In the past, people took the time to understand a person. They had meals together and went out few times before they finally decided to start a relationship. Now, the social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have made it very easy for everyone to access lots of information. You can get much information about a person simply by viewing his or her social site profile. People now know each other by their digital presentations like tweets, messages, profile pictures, etc.

3. More options present

There are many options available to you now. Dating is now an open field. There is no geographical or cultural boundary. You can date with a person living in another country or come from a different culture. When they find difficulty in a relationship, they move on and look for someone new as there are loads of options available. This wasn’t the case in the past.

People should be aware of these changes. These changes have made relationships riskier. It is not safe to meet a stranger and get intimate so soon. You should take the time to understand a person before starting a relationship.

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